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My own smart home

KNX or Loxone or Niko Home Control?
Niko Home control:
+ : easy setup, easiest domotics system, available through easykit
– : not flexible enough, stuck with niko products
Loxone :
= centralised
+ : free software with great UI (build by loxone), lots of documentation, integratable with knx , in my opinion the apple of domotics
– : expensive, stuck with loxone products

KNX (= EIB, European Installation Bus ):
= all devices (sensors and actuators) use the same transmission method and are able to exchange data via a common bus network
= decentralised , “intelligence” of the system is spread across all of its devices with their own microprocessor
+ : domotics standard , used by many knx-certified companies, in my opinion the linux of domotics, if one device fails the rest does not
– : less documentation, lot of programming required with ETS


  • system devices : power, programming UI, …
  • sensor : detect events in building and send commands like push button, movement detectors, …
  • actuator : convert commands into actions like lights, blinds, everything that consumes electricity…
  • star topology : lights, blinds, everything that consumes electricity…
  • PL : power line (230V)
  • TP : twisted pair cable for data transfer (24V)
  • RF : radio frequency
  • IP : ethernet
  • AC/DC : AC is data voltage, DC is supply voltage
  • Line coupler (area coupler) : adds a new main line and divides in areas (1( lines max)

KNX basics

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